No Need to Panic in Milwaukee


3 games back with 156 to go…

After putting this into perspective, hopefully it relieves some of the panic that is hitting Milwaukee all ready after the Brewers 1-5 start to the season.

Axford is struggling…

Yeah we have been there before but Jim Henderson has been flawless, and Johnny Hellweg is more than ready for the big leagues.

1-5 = the worst team in baseball…

Remember about six months ago when the Packers fell to 1-2 and the state of Wisconsin was on life support? Then three months later, Green Bay was on their way to winning another NFC North Championship.

I know we want to play the blame game and we want to focus on the negatives, but every team this year will go on a bad stretch. The playoff teams find a way to overcome them and the Brewers have the talent to be one of those teams.

Ramirez, Segura, Braun, and Hart are hurt…

The Brewers will be without Corey Hart for a month, Aramis Ramirez is now on the 15-day DL, and Ryan Braun is still missing games with a neck injury. That is a combined 98 home runs from 2012 out of the Milwaukee lineup. But injuries are inevitable, and the Brewers must find a way to battle through them, I think a good goal is for the Crew is to go 13-13 in the month of April.



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