2013 Brewers Catcher Projections

Jonathan Lucroy

Today is part three of a five-part series of projections being featured on ‘Roll Out the Barrel.’ From now until Opening Day, we will be highlighting every position and their projected 2013 numbers. Today we are taking a look at the Milwaukee catchers.

March 19th- Outfielders

March 25th- Infielders

Jonathan Lucroy and Martin Maldonado distinguished themselves as a dynamic pair of catchers for the Brewers in 2013. Lucroy had a career year last season and it helped him make Team USA this spring in the World Baseball Classic, and Maldonado took advantage of his opportunities a year ago while Lucroy was out with an injury.

#20   Jonathan Lucroy   C
R.O.T.B Blog 130 478 11 54 65 4 .287 .350 .430
Bill James 133 492 14 58 70 5 .287 .346 .442
ZiPS 124 460 12 47 63 5 .274 .330 .421

2013 was a career year for Jonathan Lucroy, he established himself as one of the more reliable starting catchers in the National League. Lucroy set career highs in runs scored (46), doubles (17), triples (4), and batting average (.320). He put up these impressive numbers despite missing over two months with a hand injury. Jonathan also gained the confidence of his young pitching staff at the end of 2012, Lucroy improved defensively and earned the trust of his coaches and pitchers in his ability to call games.

#12   Martin Maldonado   C
R.O.T.B Blog 70 204 6 25 35 2 .258 .322 .399
Bill James 78 264 8 24 33 1 .253 .309 .400
ZiPS 115 416 10 36 46 1 .236 .300 .359

With Lucroy out with an injury, it created an opportunity for the Brewers to showcase Martin Maldonado. The second year catcher, batted .266 with 8 home runs and 30 runs batted in last season. Maldonado not only impressed at the plate, but he also established himself as one of the premier defensive catchers in the game.

*Bill James projections acquired from Baseball Info Solutions and The Bill James Handbook

*ZiPS Projections Courtesy of Dan Szymborski


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